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Configure, Train and Deploy intelligent chatbots in minutes with zero coding efforts.

1. Login to cogxta.ai

2. Decide a persona for your Bot such as HealthBot, TechSupport ...etc. And, collect relevant data for training as follows:

I) Q&A data - Use .txt file to train. Each question and answer pair formatted as " question <> answer || "

II) Complex Conversation - Use our Schema Builder and download json files to train. You can configure for fulfilment such as trigger automations, call external APIs and display images in conversation. Refer Developer Guide for support.

III) Document Search - You can use any pdf to train and search for documents at page level.

3. Create New Bot in Portal and train with .txt / .json / .pdf File

4. Use our Chat interface to talk to the bot

5. To integrate with your application, refer API Details API Reference

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DC2 Schema Builder

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Schema Level Configurations

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